Slidell Newcomers Craft Show


                                             Rules of the Show

1. Booth reservations are not final until payment is received. Telephone reservations are not final.  We accept personal check or money order. Receipt of your payment will be confirmed by mail.

 2. A fee of $10 for temporary business license will be collected by St Tammany Parish at time of show if you do not have a permanent business license..

3. Cancellations  after October 1, 2019 will not be refunded.  No refunds shall be made for inclement weather or other acts of God over which sponsors have no control.

4. Only Handcrafted items may be sold or displayed.  Slidell Newcomers is final judge of appropriateness.

5. No raffles allowed except those sold by Slidell Newcomers

6. All tables must be covered with fabric, not paper, and all spaces must be left clean.

7. All tables must be skirted to the floor.  We will provide skirting for rented tables.

8. All displays, signs, etc. must be presented in a neat and professional manner.

9. When orders are taken, the customer must be given a receipt with the crafter's name, address, and telephone number.

10. No pets allowed, except Service animals.

11. No Sales Tax Number is required.  Parish and State tax forms will be provided at the beginning of the show.  Crafters are individually responsible for reporting and payment of any taxes.

12. All food must be pre-packaged in "to go" form - not designed to be eaten inside the Northshore Harbor Center.  In doubt?  Call Penny.

13. I agree to forever release and hold harmless the Slidell Newcomers' Club from any liability arising from accident, injury, acts of vandalism or theft during this event and from product liability due to the same of merchandise during the show.

14. All points not covered are subject to Slidell Newcomers' Club discretion.


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